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Click here for Preston's pictures from the 2012 North Central Region Awards Banquet!

Click here for pictures from the 2011 ACFA Annual Awards Banquet!

Rock Valley Cat Club - Our Feline Valentine - February 4-5, 2012
Do you think that just maybe Nancy is a Garfield fan? Would the stuffed Garfields be in the NBC class?
Class Act Cat Club - Mew Year's Celebration - December 31, 2011, and January 1, 2012
A clerking class and a cute cat cake were the Friday evening highlights.

At midnight*, outgoing regional director Glen Newton gave incoming regional director Nathaniel Prucha a handshake - and a long list of regional director responsibilities and opportunities. A small group of die-hard ACFA revelers stayed up to ring in the new year.


*Well, technically it was a few minutes after 11:00 p.m. in Wisconsin, but New York had already celebrated the ball dropping in Times Square to herald 2012.

Nate Prucha was the hard-working show manager.
Lynn Landers-Dickinson trained with Lonnie Alitz on Saturday and Don Finger on Sunday.
Cat-N-Around Cat Club - It's the Great Cat Show, Charlie Brown - October 1-2, 2011
Decorated pumpkin contest winners Sharon Atwood (left, second place) and Stacie Madole (right, first place) posed by their cages. Norma Anderson's decorated pumpkin (below) won third place.
Central Wisconsin Cat Club - ACFA's Heart and Soul - August 20-21, 2011
Chippewa Valley Cat Club and Central Wisconsin Cat Club - Feline Fiesta - June 4-5, 2011
Cat Tales Cat Club - Circus of the Cats - May 21-22, 2011
Gopher State Cat Club - Easter Purr-ade - April 23-24, 2011
Class Act Cat Club - New Year's Party - January 1-2, 2011
Karly and Andrea checked in exhibitors.
The Sleep Inn provided cat cakes to help celebrate the New year.
Now ... and 14 years ago
Cats were judged from every angle.
Coulee Region Cat Club - Raining Cats 'n' Dogs - August 7-8 2010
Madison Cat Club - Regional Awards and Camp Whiskers - July 10-11, 2010

Tim Swoboda's pictures from the 2010 North Central awards banquet are now online:

Central Wisconsin Cat Club and Chippewa Valley Cat Club - Movie Star Cats - May 29-30, 2010
Leon and Martice with Ocicat
Spectators learned about Ocicats at Martice and Leon Carlson's "Meet the Breed" presentation.
This was Murlene Priest's second judging assignment ...
... and Kari Prucha's first judging assignment.
Michele Maneiri completed her final training assignment ...
... while Lil Borg completed her first breed training assignment.
Jo, Patti, and Murlene

Jo Newton and Patti Day inducted Murlene into the International Yellow Sock Society, and the Household Pet finalists in Murlene's ring won yellow sock dolls. Norma Anderson made the dolls look like Charlie Chaplain and Mary Pickford to reflect the show's "Movie Star Cats" theme.

Yellow sock dolls
Cat Tales Cat Club - The Great Minnesota Purr-Together - May 15-16, 2010
Community Center sign
Eleanor Eleanor Speake greeted visitors to the Cat Tales show at the new show hall in Crystal. Shelley on a stick In the State Fair tradition, food was on a stick. Even the show manager was on a stick!
Pronto Kittys
The competitors
Pronto Pups are a Minnesota State Fair tradition, but we had "Pronto Kittys".
The four Saturday judges - Carolyn, Lonnie, Doug, and Jan - completed in bowling, darts, and tossing a bean bag into a litter box at the "midway".
Photographer Preston Smith's father, Vern, celebrated his 83rd birthday at the show.
Don and Bob Don and Bob modeled two of Pat's cat beds. Jan Doug Carolyn
Gopher State Cat Club - Hairy Paw-Ter - Hopkins, April 25-26, 2010
Allan Davies traveled from Australia to judge the show on Saturday.
King of the Household Pets Queen of the Household Pets
Central Wisconsin Cat Club and Janesville Allbreed Cat Club - National Feline League - Janesville, November 7-8, 2009
Ring decorations and sweatshirts by Kat Doring reflected the NFL theme.
Rod and Cheryle U'Ren furnished special awards from their catteries in Australia.
Rex Cat Fanciers of South Australia provided the ribbons for a special non-scored Selkirk Rex competition on Sunday. Jan Rook judged a Maine Coon Congress on Saturday.
Friendly Kat Fanciers of Iowa, Cedar Rapids, October 17-18, 2009
At the end of Sunday, October 18, it was Zappa de Paw of Jazzcats who won the title of FKFI's 2009 Best of the Best Household Pet. Here, Zappa reminds us to stop and smell the roses. He is held by one of his owners, Missi Cooper, who accepted the roses and beautiful Mikasa vase on his behalf from Lonnie Alitz, who donated them to honor Lucky's Fred Astaire of Wee Three, her black and white household pet.
Carol Jordan was ably assisted by ring steward Jean. First you make me get up on the table, and now I even have to hold my own number?
Cat-N -Around Cat Club - Sweet Sixteen and Never Been Hissed - Des Moines, October 3-4, 2009
Fall decorations greeted exhibitors and spectators in the Christensen Farms Hall at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Each ring had a Sweet 16 birthday cake decoration, complete with candles. Do I really have to get up and go to a ring now?

The children's raffle table gave kids a chance to win prizes inexpensively.
The regional awards banquet featured cakes honoring the 2008-2009 North Central Region best cats.
Coulee Region Cat Club - The Litter-ary Cat - Onalaska, Aug 1-2, 2009
What, you maybe expected a dog to be driving this?
Madison Cat Club - Christmas in July - Stoughton, July 11-12, 2009
The temperature was high outside, but the show hall looked liked Christmas. Isabel kept the cages clean.
Carol Jordan's ring was typical of the holiday decorations throughout the show hall.
Gopher State Cat Club - Paws on Purrade- Hopkins, April 25-26, 2009
Joan Apel-Klarner presented capes and crowns to the king and queen of the household pets.

Click here for photos from the North Central Awards Banquet, August 2, 2008!

Pictures from the 2007 North Central Regional Awards Banquet are posted at and

March 17 and 18, 2007, were the dates for the Central Wisconsin Cat Club show in Wausau, Wisconsin.
The show theme was "When Irish Cats Are Smiling." A leprechaun greets spectators A smiling cat Jo Newton wears a shamrock
"CWCC" table decoration Show co-chairman Don Finger announced the cat costume contest. Don uses the microphone

The final North Central show of the 2006-2007 show year was the Gopher State Cat Club show, April 28 and 29, in Farmington, Minnesota.
Farmington TIgers
The Farmington Tigers ice arena was the show hall.
A tiger on the wall Joe and Betty Rosera's cage decorations matched the show hall.
Alison Knudtson and Dick Prucha applaud.Dan Lalley and five Maine Coon kittensA wall of rosettes
Club member Carol Jordan cut the cake celebrating the end of the show year.
Pat and her suitcase Sunday judge Pat Steckman duct taped her suitcase shut to make sure it didn't fall apart on the flight home.
The North Central Region display invited spectators to join one of the clubs.
Master clerk Bev Speake tallied the ring results.

The first North Central show of the 2007-2008 show year was the Cat Tales Cat Fanciers show, May 19 and 20 in Maple Grove, Minnesota.
Click here to see more pictures from the 2007 Cat Tales Cat Fanciers show.
The Cat Tales banner
The Cat Tales banner hung over the show hall.
The show hall from above
Sperman poster Ka-boom! table decoration
The ring decorations emphasized the theme, "The League of Extraordinary Felines."
Lynn Redlinger evaluated "Uncle Sam" for the feline costume contest. Girl Scout Troop 1465 provided the ring stewards on Saturday.
Entry clerk Kari Prucha greeted exhibitors with a smile - and a rosette for each cat. . A spectator read "Why Are All the Cats Getting Blue Ribbons?" in the spectator guide.

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